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Highway Construction Use – Government Use

CCA treated wood offers widespread availability, easy handling and modification, long life, and low cost in a variety of highway applications. Treating requirements appear in AWPA Standard C14. Among the typical uses are:

Timber bridges

CCA treated wood offers rugged, long-lasting performance in bridges.

Guardrails, posts, and spacer blocks

Wood is resilient and absorbs impacts better than most building materials. Various components can be made according to the particular specifications and shipped on the same truck.


Pre-drilled or solid and customized for your application’s specifications, signposts are available in 4×4 and 4×6 up to 20 feet (24 feet by special order).

Retaining walls

Timber retaining walls, in solid and crib designs, can prevent erosion while maintaining an attractive, natural appearance.

Wood used for Highway Construction Use is treated to a retention level specified by each Governmental Agency. A treatment of 0.60 pounds of CCA per cubic foot is common. 0.50 pcf and 0.40 pcf are also frequently specified.

We are qualified and certified to produce a wide variety of timbers for Highway Construction Use. Whether for state government use; county needs or use on road projects, please contact us for availability and for more details.

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