Iowa Wood Preservers believes in delivering quality product to their consumers.  Because of that, we only use chemicals that have been approved by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).  For our customers, this means treatments that have been tested rigorously and had its performance evaluated by professionals with expertise in wood deterioration and protection.  Most of the experts in wood protection in North American serve on AWPA’s committees.  These committees distinguish effective treatments from those that may not perform well.  It is a process that takes several years to determine whether it is a high quality product for customers.  The testing process has allowed the AWPA to become accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

Because AWPA’s process can be lengthy, companies have tried to bypass the system by putting other products on the market that are not guaranteed by the AWPA for effectiveness and quality.   When looking for treated wood, it’s important to remember that not all companies perform to the quality known to be associated with AWPA.  Please make sure to check the stamps or tags on your wood for imitations.

The AWPA stamp signifies that the product has been through the testing and has been deemed an effective form of treatment.  On the stamp there is a checkmark, which indicates the American National Standards Institute accredits the AWPA.  The stamp also shows the code for the preservative used and how much retention level is held within the wood to pass the AWPA standards.  One very important part of the stamp is the AWPA U1 written to show the use category indicated appropriate for the wood.  Also it shoes the proper exposure condition, the treating company and plant location.